Ladies Go Diva

A class act of three funny, glamorous ‘old school’ DIVAS…

With big voices and even bigger personalities this trio loves to have fun, mixes a modern sound with a vintage feel and dares to sing about the quirks of being Ladies-of-a-certain-age in a world where everyone is ‘prettier and younger’ and where each birthday is a step closer to that path leading ‘over the hill’. Mind you…doesn’t stop them going out on the town, dancing round their handbags and flirting like crazy at every opportunity!

With songs about singledom, obsession and filthy kitchen euphemisms, The Ladies’ acutely honest observations are topical, thought-provoking and, most importantly, hilarious!

With brand new original, multi-genre music and lyrics and extraordinary harmonies,  Ladies GoDiva have exploded onto the cabaret scene and are fast gaining a reputation as the perfect choice of entertainment for that birthday celebration, that corporate night which needs ‘spicing up’ or that millionaire’s yacht party…. !

Book them for cabaret, theatre, burlesque, cruises, festivals, fiestas, weekdays, weekends, (weak knees?), weddings, divorces, you name it, they’ll tailor their show and pick the right selection of songs to be perfect for any venue or occasion.

Ladies Go Diva Medley from “No Sex in the City”
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