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Helen GoldwynWhen people ask me what I do I’ve always found it a little challenging to answer.  Despite being involved in so many aspects of the entertainment industry, the term ‘Portfolio Career’ didn’t quite cover it, nor did the rather grown-up title of  ‘Creative Consultant’.   However, my more recent evolution into a comic singer/songwriter finally sums things up very nicely…and also makes me completely happy!

So how did I get to here? Well, it’s certainly been an unusual journey. Firstly, despite my flat feet, I was accepted at ballet school at the age of 12 so spent the next 7 years dancing, singing and generally behaving like a kid from ‘Fame’, whilst secretly harbouring a desire to be a ‘serious actress some day’.

I should have known that was an unlikely outcome when my first professional gig at 13 was singing the ‘Beanz Meanz Heinz’ jingle, swiftly followed by a job in the children’s chorus, aged 14, with the English National Opera, wearing a policeman’s jacket, stockings and suspenders, doing the can-can whilst carrying a rubber truncheon. Ah, those happy heady days before boring old political correctness (and child protection) prohibited such harmless fun…

Since then I’ve sung and ‘Shakespeared’ my way around the planet, performed Chekhov in front of royalty, hula danced in the pouring rain and tripped over a hedgehog at the open air theatre, played a witch, an ingénue, a granny, a glamour girl, a wealthy spinster, a God, a wildebeest and a frumpy nymphomaniac with amnesia.  I’ve saved the Galactic Federation, mind-melded with aliens, been destroyed by Daleks and left in a coma by Cybermen. I’ve also run my own theatre company, written plays for award winning actors and, in the midst of this (and I don’t mean to brag) I’ve also managed to pop out two children who are turning out to be the REAL comedians in the family!

And the songs…? Well in 2011 I was asked to do a 25 minute spot in a cabaret night in London. The offer came at a time when I had finally stopped trying to ‘be discovered’ so I thought ‘why not sing a couple of those little songs I wrote for fun’?  So I did.  And the audience seemed to like them.  A lot.  Then people started asking me to write songs for them and I was offered a whole evening slot for my own cabaret.  So I thought ‘why don’t I see if I can write 10 more songs?’  So I did.  Then two lovely ladies agreed to join me in a threesome (oo-er!) and I wrote a few more songs and turned the whole thing into a musical, which got a stamping ovation on one of the most amazing nights of my life.  And the rest, as they say, is history. …except, I’ve a feeling it’s really only just beginning…

Helen is now thrilled to be represented by Nicola Hobbs at ‘Talented Artists Ltd’. www.talentedartistsltd.com


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